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Welcome to the ProShop

Saddlethreads is proud to provide the official apparel store for the American Saddlebred Horse & Breeder's Association (ASHBA)! 

This shop includes a lineup of premium products, as well as seasonal and holiday specials, and customizable options for end-of-year awards!

Shop the Saddlebred today! 

Saddlethreads Barn Logo Apparel


Barn Logo Apparel 

Saddlethreads is proud to be the trusted name in barn logo apparel! We offer our members two ways to shop:

I. Barn Logo Store

We create a store of products featuring your barn logo.

Your store is available for orders 24/7, 365. 

II. Saddlethreads Premium 

Work with our custom concierge to create embroidered, premium products like The North Face jackets, Nike hats, and more!

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Design Collections

Shop Saddlethreads original, exclusive designs!


Saddlethreads is the ONLY clothier with design collections dedicated to the Saddlebred, Morgan, Road Horse, Arabian, Saddleseat Equitation, and more. 


We also offer limited edition collections for Halloween, Christmas, major horse shows, and equestrian events - you won't want to miss these, they always sell out! 


Custom Shop

1. Click below to visit the Custom Shop page

2. Watch the easy how-to video

3. Read the information about the process

4. Submit your form

5. Enjoy your custom design! 

Saddlethreads Custom Horse Design
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